Premier Marketo Partners

APAC’s largest Marketo agency, founded by Ex-Marketo staff. Providing Marketo integrations for Magento & WordPress, Marketo addon software, training and certified professional services.


Premier Marketo Partners

APAC’s largest Marketo agency, founded by Ex-Marketo staff. Providing Marketo integrations for Magento & WordPress, Marketo addon software, training and certified professional services.

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Outsourced Marketo Campaign


Our Outsourced Marketo Campaigns are designed for marketing teams who not only need campaigns launched regularly and effectively, but also want to become self-sufficient. Our campaigns are built to be re-usable by a Marketo expert who will teach your team the behind-the-scenes process and marketing strategy.

How do you build Marketo Campaigns?

We build campaigns like a cooking school, not a restaurant. You still get the beautiful meal, however unlike a restaurant which guards it’s secrets closely, you’ll learn how we made the meal. Pretty, soon you’ll be creating campaigns like a master chef.

Here’s how it works:

Cooking School Outsourced Marketo Campaign
Select a meal to cook, with the chef’s recommendations Get a campaign strategy created for you
Review the the recipe and kitchen set-up Learn the processes used to create campaigns
Learn the basic skills: chopping onions, using the tools Adopt hands-on best-practises for Marketo
Watch the chef create the meal Observe our progress (via our on-line project tool) and understand our internal process
Have the chef serve the food for you Have campaigns launched, monitored and optimized for you


Why would I need Outsourced Marketo Campaigns?

Your biggest risk in buying Marketo is not a poorly trained user sending a blank email to your entire database or accidentally deleting all your contacts; it’s your boss asking awkward questions like ‘Why aren’t we getting results?’ and ‘why are we paying for a tool nobody uses?’

If your team has only ever used email tools, or none at all, they will struggle with any marketing automation software. Without understanding why they should adopt Marketo and the right kind of training, your team will not embrace or even use Marketo: dooming your roll-out from the beginning.

One answer is getting an agency to create campaigns for you. Unfortunately, this introduces a new problem: you become dependant on them. Not only is this expensive, but your staff will never learn the hands-on Marketo skills necessary to make your team self-sufficient, let alone learn the tactics and strategy required to get you closer to one-to-one marketing.


Why outsource my Marketo Campaigns to you?

  • Become self-sufficient – when the campaign is complete, we will provide optional training to teach your staff how the campaign was built
  • Cost-effective – we build all our campaigns to be reusable, from the email and landing page templates to the overall campaign structure, this saves you money
  • Cutting edge – our marketers understand how to best leverage technology like responsive design (mobile-aware) and HTML5 (fancy web pages)
  • Learn Strategy – our campaigns come include a strategy session and a strategy document, this way you learn to do it yourself
  • Learn Process – have any-time access to our internal process tool, so you can understand the methodology we use to create your campaigns
  • 100% Visibility – we provide any-time, any-where project reporting, so you can see the progress of your campaign when it suits you
  • B2C Expertise – we offer all the B2C campaigns other Marketo partners don’t: abandoned cart recovery, sign-up, welcome programs, etc.


How does your Marketo campaign creation compare?

This chart will help you to understand what to look for in a Marketo launch pack and also how we compare to other launch packs available both in Australia and the US.

Hoosh Australian Competitor US Competitor
Outsourced Marketo Campaign Cost $2.5K-$6.7K $7K-$10K $7K-$13K


Campaign Creation
Campaign Strategy Session small_tick small_tick small_tick
Campaign Strategy Document small_tick small_tick small_tick
Execution & Monitoring small_tick small_tick small_tick
Quick Marketo Audit small_tick
Re-usable Campaigns small_tick
Email & Landing Page Copy small_tick
Fixed-cost packages small_tick
Transparent pricing small_tick
Agile Methodology small_tick small_tick


B2C Campaigns
Welcome Program small_tick small_tick small_tick
Social Incentive Campaigns small_tick small_tick small_tick
Abandoned Cart Recovery small_tick
Browser Abandonment small_tick
Intelligent Sign-up small_tick


Advanced Technical Campaigns
Engagement Module small_tick small_tick small_tick
Data Cleanse Workflows small_tick small_tick small_tick
Email Scripting small_tick


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to learn. Can you just do it? Yes. We recognize that not every marketing team wants to be enabled, some just need extra capacity.

How do I know I’m getting value for money? Have a look at our comparison table above; you will see that we offer a more intelligent package which is competitively priced.

What key things should I look for in Marketo campaign creation? Enablement rather than dependency. Marketo-skilled designers (not just marketers). Campaigns and templates that are easily reusable.

Can you clarify a particular part of your Marketo campaign creation? Please contact us if any part of our launch pack is not clear. Optionally see the pricing page for more package specific details

Isn’t this outsourcing expensive? Yes. That’s why it’s important to develop the skills in-house as quickly as possible. Also, if your campaigns and templates are reusable, you get get more value.

Isn’t Marketo’s free training on the Community enough? No. Marketo’s free training is basic product knowledge; it does not teach you how to quickly roll-out best practice digital campaigns.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you decided to purchase one of our Outsourced Marketo Campaign packs, the following will occur:

  • We will send you an invoice and require a deposit
  • A strategy meeting will be scheduled to gather your team’s campaign requirements
  • You will be set-up with access to our online campaign planning tool
  • The campaign creation will begin
  • On a weekly basis, we will send you releases (skeleton campaigns) to gather your feedback


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