Premier Marketo Partners

APAC’s largest Marketo agency, founded by Ex-Marketo staff. Providing Marketo integrations for Magento & WordPress, Marketo addon software, training and certified professional services.


Premier Marketo Partners

APAC’s largest Marketo agency, founded by Ex-Marketo staff. Providing Marketo integrations for Magento & WordPress, Marketo addon software, training and certified professional services.

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Marketo Implementation


Our Marketo Implementation is designed for marketing teams who need quick results to take to management. It will get you running best-practice campaigns in under 90 days ,with 100% user adoption, using training designed by an ex-Marketo consultant.

How does your Marketo Implementation work?

Just like you wouldn’t give your car keys to your kid without a license, you need to train your team in Marketo if you don’t want them to crash.

Choosing a Marketo Implementation is like getting a driver’s license for Marketo:

Driver’s License Marketo Implementation
Decide what kind of license you need (motorcycle, car or truck) Select a stream of training (marketing operations, marketing manager or designer)
Learn the road rules for that license type online Each stream of training is relevant only to that marketing role
Get your Leaner’s license by passing an online test Undertake quizzes to verify your knowledge
Practice in virtual car simulators Access to a safe sandbox for hands-on practice
Take real-life driving lessons with an instructor, log the hours In-person training focuses on real campaign build focused on your marketing problems
Pass your Provisional license with a real-life test Launch a live campaign supervised by an instructor

Why do I need a Marketo Implementation?

Your biggest risk in buying a Marketo Implementation is not a poorly trained user sending a blank email to your entire database or accidentally deleting all your contacts; it’s your boss asking awkward questions like ‘Why aren’t we getting results?’ and ‘Why are we paying for a tool nobody uses?’

If your team has only ever used email tools, or none at all, they will struggle with any marketing automation software. Without understanding why they should adopt Marketo and the right kind of training, your team will not embrace or even use Marketo: dooming your roll-out from the beginning.

This not a rare occurrence, as most Marketo training is one-size-fits-all and focused on the tool rather than executing real campaigns. As a result it’s too complex for most of your team and they will avoid it. This means very few campaigns get rolled-out and pretty soon your boss will be asking you ‘Why did you choose Marketo?’

When these issues crop up, the natural response is to buy more training, but most training is face-to-face and just too expensive.

That’s why it’s key to get your Marketo launched correctly in the first place.

Why should I choose your Marketo Implementation?

  • 100% user adoption – get reports from our online-training platform on how fast and well your staff are progressing with Marketo training.
  • Execution of best-practice campaigns in 90 days – our training is focused on executing real campaigns, not features of the tool.
  • Avoid all the pitfalls – designed by an ex-Marketo consultant who understands all the ways a Marketo launch can go wrong.
  • Personalized to your team – our training streams (marketing operations, marketing manager or designer) are not only role-based, but can also be customized for your team’s level of experience.
  • More cost-effective – with our Marketo Implementation, your staff get a lot more hours as basic training is conducted via an online learning platform, so that trainer-led sessions can focus on building real campaigns.
  • Anywhere, Anytime – our online training platform is available on tablets and smart phones so your team can learn when it suits them.
  • On-going training – your staff can get the training platform on-tap for 12 months and a set of free trainer-led training session is included at the 6 month mark for new staff or a refresher.

How does your Marketo Implementation compare?

This chart will help you to understand what to look for in a Marketo Implementation and also how we compare to other launch packs available both in Australia and the US.

Hoosh Australian Competitor US Competitor
Implementation Cost $5K-$15K $7K-$22K $14K-$22K


Marketo Training
Trainer-led workshops 6 – 18 hours 8 hours 10+ hours
In-depth online-training 20+ hours
Multi-stream role-based small_tick
Self-paced online learning platform small_tick
Personalized training small_tick
Weekly training compliance reports for managers small_tick
Mobile- and tablet-accessible small_tick
Quizzes & assignments small_tick
Refresher courses small_tick
Periodic Audit quarterly small_tick


Technical Setup
Free email template(s) small_tick small_tick small_tick
Free landing page template(s) small_tick small_tick small_tick
Email infrastructure setup (DKIM/SPF) small_tick small_tick
Marketo domain setup small_tick small_tick
Basic Marketo configuration small_tick small_tick
Periodic technical audit small_tick


Advanced Technical Setup
Data Modelling Workshop Plus, Premium
Custom Security Setup Plus, Premium small_tick
Workspace & Partition setup Premium small_tick

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I’m getting value for money? Have a look at our comparison table above; you will see that we offer a more intelligent package which is competitively priced.

What key things should I look for in a launch pack? Look for training which is tailored, a way to see how your team is progressing and hands-on building of real campaigns. Make sure the instructor is Marketo certified.

Can you clarify a particular part of your launch pack? Please contact us if any part of our Marketo Launch Pack is not clear. Optionally, see the pricing page for more package specific details.

Isn’t this training expensive? The cost of a failed Marketo implementation is far more expensive than any of your training packages

Isn’t Marketo’s free training on the Community enough? No. Marketo’s free training is basic product knowledge; it does not teach you how to quickly roll-out best practice digital campaigns.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you decide to purchase a Marketo launch pack, the following will occur:

  • We will send you an invoice and require a deposit.
  • You will get logins for the online learning platform so your users can start the introductory training immediately (Marketo is not required).
  • A kick-off meeting will be scheduled to gather your team’s training and technical requirements.
  • Your team’s training will be personalized and pushed-out automatically on the learning platform.
  • Your technical setup will begin.


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